TendHer Pillows - Tender breastfeeding pain relief!

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Need Breastfeeding Pain Relief?

We did! Pariday was founded by three women who experienced breastfeeding pain including sore nipples, plugged ducts, mastitis, cracked nipples, engorgement, a poor latch and more - and needed relief! We each came from a different background, spanning manufacturing design to brand management. But we all came to the same conclusion: the products available for soothing breastfeeding pain had immense room for improvement. TendHer Pillows was created by us to give other real moms a real solution.


User Reactions to TendHer Pillows

A woman's first reaction to TendHer Pillows! We swear we didn't pay her to say it!


The TendHer Pillows have provided breastfeeding pain relief to many women. Here's what some have had to say about them. You can read more reviews here!

"I LoveLoveLove these TendHer Pillows!

I am a private practice IBCLC and I see moms usually in the first week or so of "newbornhood". This is when most breasts and nipples are at their sorest. For the longest time, gel pads were my only solution of a feel-good fix; then I discovered Pariday's TendHer Pillows. 
I couldn't stop touching them; they feel so soft and comforting, and that's just in your hand! For sore breasts it's HEAVEN. The versatility is fantastic, warm or cool, with or without the pillow case, and the best part is they last so much longer than any gel pad on the market! I love that it's a non-toxic product, eco-friendly, and there is less waste than with gel pads that only last 72hrs. TendHer Pillows are the best!
So far, I've used them for the following issues: sore nipples, inflamed areola, plugged ducts, plugged nipple pores, soreness during ovulation or menses, headache (placed over eyes or on forehead), and as a cold-pack for an injury on my 3yo niece. I love them!"  -  Sheridan Ross, IBCLC, Baby Sips in home Lactation Consulting 

"It was comfortable to wear and provided instant relief from sore nipples, especially since it was cool just at room temperature."  Jill, CA. 

"This was very effective for nipple soreness. If a friend mentioned soreness during breastfeeding, I would definitely recommend it!"  - Angelie, CA. 

"Over and above the Soothies, I would highly recommend the TendHer Pillows. These nipple soothers are a must for your predelivery shopping list!"  - Lin Lee, CNM, Bay Area Maternity

"ALL breastfeeding mamas should have this product! Oh the relief!!!"  - PTPA Parent Tester